Product Return Policy

Product can be returned within 30 days of purchase. The device(s) should be returned in the original packaging includes all CD's, literature and accessories. The thirty days starts at the day you receive the product. Your return needs to postmarked within 30 days of this date. We need an email from you to to indicate your intention to return a device. The best way to ensure the proper crediting of your account is to include an email from us acknowledging your request. Typically, the Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA #) is the email address you used when purchasing your item. If you have a copy of your email receipt, that greatly helps speed up the time it takes to credit your account.

It is important to add to the email the product name, part number and serial number.

You may return your unit for any reason within 30 days, excepting neglect or abuse (see Warranty). You are responsible for the shipping and handling costs from your purchase and to send back the device(s). Just send it back UPS Ground or the equivalent. This way you can track your package to make sure we receive it.

In the event the unit is defective or breaks (excluding abuse such as dropping the unit or opening it up to play around with the insides), you will be able to return the device for an exchange of a similar or better unit. If it is outside the 30 day guarantee, you will not be able to get your money back, just an exchange for a replacement device. In selected cases, we will send you a refurbished device that has been certified by the manufacturer.

All returns are subject to 15% testing and restocking fee, except in cases of defective products.


Way2call support team

Applications Using Way2call Telephony Card / Board Device Hardware

  •   Windows 10 Compatible TAPI
  •   Call Center agent
  •   Personal Telephony center with PIM application
  •   Inbound and outbound calling
  •   Call Recording
  •   Voice Mail
  •   IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  •   Caller ID display and Caller ID on call waiting
  •   Automated calls
  •   Home Automation
  •   Queue calls
  •   Telemarketing
  •   Central Office subscriber functionality control
  •   Internet VoIP (Voice Over IP) Converged with Analog Telephone Line
  •   TAPI PC Answering System/Machine Automation
  •  Way2call Hi-Phone products family comparison chart
  •  and more...