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TAPI Compliant Telephony Device

Hi-Phone_Desktop_USB_Telephony_Device_BoardThe Hi-Phone Desktop product family is a CTI TAPI compliant USB / RS232 hardware ( external telephony card device ) and software platforms, featuring a complete telephony card functionality, and supported by a wide variety of well documented integration tools for most programming languages

HiPhone_Maestro_USB_Telephony_device_back_stack_large.jpgThe Way2call Hi-Phone is a USB Telephony Device (Board), telephony card device, and replaces a USB voice modem, or TAPI modem in voice Telephony applications for better performance and additional telephony features

Over a decade of proven success with major league players!

Telephony Device Developer Area Connect your PC to a Telephone Line / Handset / Headset.

Develop your telephony applications using C, C++, VB, .NET, Delphi, Java and more.

Easy telephony API and fast integration with sample source codes.

Applications Using Telephony Card / Board Devices

  • Call Center agent
  • Personal Telephony center with PIM application
  • Inbound and outbound calling
  • Call Recording
  • Voice Mail
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Caller ID display and Caller ID on call waiting
  • Automated calls
  • Home Automation
  • Queue calls
  • Telemarketing
  • Central Office subscriber functionality control
  • Internet VoIP (Voice Over IP) Converged with Analog Telephone Line
  • and more...

Telephony Card Device Product Family Highlights

  • High Compatibility
    Seamless integration with all TAPI applications
  • Open Architecture
    Easy integration with software applications, at any level
  • Modular Solution
    From a single line to any number of multiple lines
  • Cost Effective
    The Hi-Phone product family ranges from low cost to heavy duty, depending on your application needs
  • Plug and Play External Telephony Card Device
    Way2call Hi-Phone Desktop telephony devices are external telephony card device without the limitation of PCI / PCIe slots on your motherboard. Just plug and play.
  • External USB telephony board device, voice modem
    It can be used as USB voice modem to replace your, PCI telephony card, PCIe telephony card, full duplex telephony Modem and voice Modem for business phone system, interactive voice response system or PBX system.

Hi-Phone Maestro setup illustration


Hi-Phone Maestro, external Telephony Card / Board Device Sample Setup Scenario


  1. Make sure that an analog phone and analog line are used.
  2. (A) - (D) Line 1 - Line 4
  3. (E) Business Phone System
  4. (F) (Optional ) Connect with telephony headset
  5. (G) Connect with PC via USB
  6. (H) Power Adapter
  7. No PCI or PCI Express Slots required, but USB

*In some countries (e.g. U.K., Germany), and external adapter for the phone and line might be required. Please check whether your local telephony connection standards default to the U.S.

Way2Calls Hi-Phone telephony device product family are External telephony card / telephony board device using USB / RS232 for Plug and Play CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) solutions. Any software application or web page integrating Hi-Phone telephony devices, can have full-featured Telephony functionality such as Make call, Answer-incoming call, Call Progress Detection, Caller ID etc as you are using PCI / PCIe telephony card.

The Hi-Phone telephony devices family offer Integration SDK (Software Development Kit) for software developers with a variety of Simple, Fast and Easy Integration Proprietary API (Application Programming Interfaces) as well as standard API. This allows developers focus on their application instead of dealing with detailed telephony issues, using their favorite Programming Language. The SDK, Currently available for Microsoft Windows 2000/2008/XP/7, supports major industry standard programming languages including C, C++, Visual Basic, .NET (VC++, VB, C#, J#, etc.), Delphi, Java and any other language which can use Win32 API or ActiveX

Way2call and Hi-Phone are registered trademarks of Way2call Communications

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