About Us

In 1997, Way2call Communications Ltd. began developing a wide scope of cost-effective and easy-to-manage computer telephony integration (CTI) solutions. The company combines high-tech electronic engineering expertise, as well as a dedicated and visionary management team required for today's international market environment.

Way2call's award winning plug & play CTI and Internet Telephony solutions are unique in the market of convergence data networks with telephony networks. Higher productivity and lower communication costs offer greater communication flexibility in the workplace and at home.

Way2call's product lines offer powerful low cost and low-density solutions. Using the latest technology, Way2call links voice devices with PCs, networks, providing affordable solutions previously unavailable to system integrators, OEMs, corporations as well as small to medium sized businesses. Way2call's available patented products include the Hi-Phone Desktop family which combines CTI and Voice over IP technologies.

Way2call's devices seamlessly interface the computer or network with the telephone, converting the analog phone into a smart phone. The client-based technology enablesusers to place calls through the Internet, corporate network or regular PSTN. Integration with personal information management packages such as Microsoft Outlook,Maximizer, Act, and any TAPI compliant software application, ensures increased individual productivity and personal call management. Skype and other Internet Telephony softwareproducts are further enhanced by the ability to use a regular phone to place andreceive calls which improves the quality of the telephone calls over the Internet.

Way2call solutions are ideal for customized development. System integrators, solution providers and OEMs can customize the solution to a wide variety of market applications such as converged IP and PSTN call centers, medical and law offices, insurance companies, IP-PBXs, on-line service providers, home automation, etc.

Additional benefits include: open architecture for customized development, low cost solutions for greater flexibility, advanced CTI capabilities, as well as quick and easy installation for client based environments.

Way2call offers proven application and integration success with a superior voice quality and high comfort level for all voice communication applications. Way2call is working with leading communication companies throughout the world, and continues to grow keeping pace with this ever changing and dynamic industry.

Applications Using Way2call Telephony Card / Board Device Hardware

  •   Windows 10 Compatible TAPI
  •   Call Center agent
  •   Personal Telephony center with PIM application
  •   Inbound and outbound calling
  •   Call Recording
  •   Voice Mail
  •   IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  •   Caller ID display and Caller ID on call waiting
  •   Automated calls
  •   Home Automation
  •   Queue calls
  •   Telemarketing
  •   Central Office subscriber functionality control
  •   Internet VoIP (Voice Over IP) Converged with Analog Telephone Line
  •   TAPI PC Answering System/Machine Automation
  •  Way2call Hi-Phone products family comparison chart
  •  and more...