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The Hi-Phone products familys Integration SDK offers software developers a variety of Simple, Fast and Easy Integration Proprietary API as well as standard API

Way2calls Hi-Phone products family are External USB / RS232 Plug and Play CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) Devices. Any software application or web page integrating a Hi-Phone device, can have full-featured Telephony functionality such as Make call, Answer-incoming call, Call Progress Detection, Caller ID etc

The Hi-Phone products familys Integration SDK (Software Development Kit) offers software developers a variety of Simple, Fast and Easy Integration Proprietary API (Application Programming Interfaces) as well as standard API, such as TAPI. This lets developers focus on their application instead of dealing with detailed telephony issues, using their favorite Programming Language. The SDK, Currently available for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003/VISTA, supports major industry standard programming languages including C, C++, Visual Basic, .NET (VC++, VB, C#, J#, etc.), Delphi, Java and any other language which can use Win32 API or ActiveX

Multiple Devices SDK

Download Multiple Devices SDK includes:

  • Sample source codes
  • Standard Microsoft Windows TAPI Compliant with extended functionality
  • Standard Microsoft Windows multimedia audio API
  • Standard Microsoft Windows DirectSound API (USB Devices only)
  • Proprietary API: DLL, ActiveX

Devices SDK Highlights:

  • Multiple Hi-Phone devices / Lines integrated into a single software application
  • Virtual Lines VoIP Modules for SIPphone and Skype
  • Virtual Line Simulator Window
  • Virtual VoIP / PSTN Converged Lines with Dialing Rules
  • Call Recording / Playback with Audio compression / decompression

Download Multiple Devices SDK:

Hi-Phone Multiple Devices Telephony SDK supports all Way2Calls telephony products

Multiple Devices Integration illustrated in the following chart:

Multiple Telephony Devices Integration

Download Single Device SDK( NRND)

Important note: The Single Device SDK's and Drivers are Not Recommended for New Development (NRND), Not support WIN Server 2003, and Not support WIN VISTA

Applications Using Way2call Telephony Card / Board Device Hardware

  •   Windows 10 Compatible TAPI
  •   Call Center agent
  •   Personal Telephony center with PIM application
  •   Inbound and outbound calling
  •   Call Recording
  •   Voice Mail
  •   IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  •   Caller ID display and Caller ID on call waiting
  •   Automated calls
  •   Home Automation
  •   Queue calls
  •   Telemarketing
  •   Central Office subscriber functionality control
  •   Internet VoIP (Voice Over IP) Converged with Analog Telephone Line
  •   TAPI PC Answering System/Machine Automation
  •  Way2call Hi-Phone products family comparison chart
  •  and more...