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Problems with Hi-Phone USB Desktop on Windows 7

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Topic: Problems with Hi-Phone USB Desktop on Windows 7
Posted By: BrianFella
Subject: Problems with Hi-Phone USB Desktop on Windows 7
Date Posted: Oct 13 2010 at 11:35am
I have a USB HiPhone Desktop that I am using.  I have it successfully installed & working on my XP laptop.

However, on my 64 bit Windows 7 laptop, I CANNOT get it to work correctly.  I have tried installing both sets of 64 bit drivers on the download page, & I even tried installing the beta version of the same.  I also tried using the default XP drivers.  All was to no avail.  Ouch  I cannot get it to record me during the test, and it seems like it is not detecting a dial tone.  I hear it, but it does not actually dial the # I give it in the test.  Again, everything works flawlessly in XP.

HELP!  Dead

Posted By: doronsh
Date Posted: Oct 13 2010 at 12:35pm

The Hi-Phone firmware version should be WIN 7 compatible.

What is your Hi-Phone Device fw version?

Posted By: BrianFella
Date Posted: Oct 13 2010 at 11:17pm
Hmm...well, I have a new problem.  The Hi-Phone was working great on the XP, but now it won't even turn on when plugged in.  It's like it's broken or something.

Assuming that I can get that worked out, here is my answer to what you said before.  You asked about the firmware - I cannot say what version it is, but I suspect it's "out of date."  But on your download page, it is stated "Please make sure that the file you use matches  your product's P/N. Using the wrong file may damage your device and void the warranty!"  Below that, it says " - Hi-Phone Desktop USB, P/N HD00USGR01   (Must run on WIN XP)*
  Version: 4.02.36
  Updated: 18-Nov-2009   "

The "*" refers to a statement at the bottom of the page, "* The firmware upgrade supports WIN XP only.  WIN Vista, WIN 7,  and WIN server 2008 are not supported."    This would seem to indicate that Windows 7 is not supported, and further after this it says, "Using the wrong Operating System for firmware upgrade may damage your device and void the warranty!"    Rather ominous, no?  Sooooo.....if you ask me to update the firmware, is way2call accepting any liability for problems incurred as a result thereof?  Or am I misunderstanding what is written?

I appreciate your help, but I just want to make sure I'm not damaging the equipment.  It's not my equipment, although the warranty may have already expired.  Nonetheless, I don't want to damage the unit.  

On a 2nd note...any idea why the unit is not powering on after working perfectly today?

Thanks much!

Posted By: BrianFella
Date Posted: Oct 13 2010 at 11:23pm
OK...the Hi-Phone has resurrected.  I unplugged it and plugged back in and it's working.  I think I tried that before, but it's late....Clap

This enabled me to check the firmware version, which is 4.52.07

Thanks, and cheers!

Posted By: doronsh
Date Posted: Oct 14 2010 at 12:03am

Its very simple.
New device comes with WIN 7 compatible fw.
Since you are using older fw version, it should be updated to support the changes made by MS in the WIN 7 audio system.
The firmware utility run only on WIN XP.
Once the fw has been updated on WIN XP, the device works on WIN 7.
1. Connect the device to a PC machine with WIN XP
2. Download the fw upgrade for your device (make sure the part number match)
3. Read the Hi-Phone Desktop  USB firmware update  reference guide (It always good)
4. Run the fw upgrade utility
5. Disconnect the device from the XP machine.
6. Connect the device  to a WIN 7 machine
7. :-)

Dont use WIN 7 to upgrade the device fw.
Dont use wrong device part number when choosing the fw utility.

Posted By: BrianFella
Date Posted: Oct 14 2010 at 12:37pm
Thank you...that makes a lot of sense.  I'm beginning the process now on the XP machine.  One question - I assume I need the most recent 64 bit drivers on the Win 7 machine?

Posted By: doronsh
Date Posted: Oct 14 2010 at 1:41pm
Yes, Use the latest Hi-Phone 64 bit drivers

Posted By: BrianFella
Date Posted: Oct 18 2010 at 4:19pm
Excellent.  Problem solved!  Thanks so much for your help.

Another challenge - the software that I use to make calls is acting like the way2call cannot hear the phone ringing or people speaking.  It should hang up the phone after 4-5 rings and dial the next #, and it should also make my microphone go hot when someone answers.

Any idea why that would work fine on XP but not on Win 7?

Thanks!  Wink

Posted By: doronsh
Date Posted: Oct 19 2010 at 9:04am
What software application are you using?
Also please provide your setting. Are you using headset connected to the Hi-Phone, or connected to the PC?

Posted By: BrianFella
Date Posted: Oct 19 2010 at 1:37pm
OK...the application I'm using is very proprietary & I doubt you'd have any experience with it.  It is a program called "Hinkle" and it's used by the company Direct Buy for telemarketing.

I plug my headset into a Plantronics amplifier, which is plugged into the Way2Call USB device.  I do not know what you mean by "setting."  

My driver settings are as follows:

Way2call Drivers Information:

Package Version: 64bit

OS version: 6.1.7600  

Device Information:

1. Hi-Phone Desktop USB 003784
    Firmware Version: 4.02.36
    P/N: HD00USGR01
    S/N: 1011-07-003784

Software Components: 

File: ScTsp64.tsp
    Description: Way2call Multiple Hi-Phone Devices TSP
    Version: 2.01.16
    Build: 0

File: scwiz32.exe
    Description: Way2Call Multiple Hi-Phone Devices PBX Wizard
    Version: 2.00.34
    Build: 0

File: TestWiz.exe
    Description: Way2call Multiple Hi-Phone Devices Test Wizard
    Version: 2.00.34
    Build: 0

File: w2cMdSound.exe
    Description: Way2call Multiple Devices As Sound Cards
    Build: 0

File: w2cTspSetup64.exe
    Description: Way2call TAPI Setup
    Build: 0

File: ml_setup.exe
    Description: Way2call Multiple Hi-Phone Devices Drivers installer
    Build: b002

File: w2cMultiInfo64.exe
    Description: Way2call drivers infromation
    Build: 0

File: w2cUSB.dll
    Description: Hi-Phone User Mode Device Driver
    Build: b0001

File: w2cUSBM.dll
    Description: Way2call Multiple Hi-Phone Devices DLL
    Build: b004

File: w2cUSBM64.dll
    Description: Way2call Multiple Hi-Phone Devices DLL
    Build: b002

Audio IN devices: 
  0. Microphone (Hi-Phone Desktop US
  1. Digital Audio Interface (Hi-Pho
  2. Microphone (Realtek High Defini

Audio OUT devices: 
  0. Speakers (Realtek High Definiti
  1. Speakers (Hi-Phone Desktop USB)
  2. Realtek Digital Output (Realtek

Posted By: doronsh
Date Posted: Oct 19 2010 at 4:20pm
Believe it or not.
Although there are hundreds of telephony applications, that work with the Way2call Hi-Phone products, we familiar with the Hinkle application.
This fix is for WIN7 only.
Close the Hinkle application
Please go to the Hinkle directory.
Delete the file w2cusb.dll
Restart the PC.
Make sure that the latest Hi-Phone drivers are installed. 2.01.16
Check if it works

Posted By: doronsh
Date Posted: Oct 19 2010 at 4:35pm
If you prefer not to delete the w2cusb.dll file from the Hinkle directory, you can just replace the file
Close the Hinkle application.
Go to  c:\windows\SysWOW64 directory
Copy w2cusb.dll from the WOW64 to the Hinkle directory where the w2cusb.dll is located
Replace or overwrite it, if prompt
Restart the PC
Check if it works

Posted By: BrianFella
Date Posted: Oct 21 2010 at 6:36pm

You are a genius!  It worked...deleting it did not, but replacing it did.  It is saving me an immense amount of time & mental energy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!



Posted By: BrianFella
Date Posted: Dec 22 2010 at 5:34pm
OK...problem again.  Same issue...whenever Hinkle updates itself, I have to go in and copy and paste that same .dll file into their files and replace it.  

Usually, that solves the problem.  Today, it did not.  Any ideas?

Thanks as always!


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