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Line - USB Headset

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Topic: Line - USB Headset
Posted By: big C
Subject: Line - USB Headset
Date Posted: Jun 15 2009 at 7:53am


I recently received my Hi-Phone and using 'w2cMultiTestApp' I'm trying to setup a system whereby the PC user has a headset connected to the PC and not the Hi-Phone. If I'm reading the device switching modes correctly then this should be possible but at the moment what I get is : the other end rings, can be picked up and is connected but no voice can be heard at either end.
So I need to know:
Is the setup I'm trying to achieve possible and what might I need to do in order to route the audio from the Hi-Phone through to the PC USB headset and vice-versa ?

Posted By: big C
Date Posted: Jun 17 2009 at 1:13am
Quick update: Using the TAPI example I can hear the other persons voice through the USB headset but they cannot hear me. However, I can generate a tone with the example and this is heard at the other end OK. Any thoughts ???

Posted By: Steve
Date Posted: Jun 17 2009 at 10:48am

I thought that it can’t be done; cause the Hi-Phone uses its own headset port.

It’s not related to the Hi-Phone switching mode, cause the switching modes are just a way to route the voice within the Hi-Phone system.

But both Hi-Phone and the USB headset may be presented as wave devices in the PC, so maybe just by writing a small application that routes the audio in a differently way may work.


Take the Hi-Phone playback, and route to the USB headset recording, and the Hi-Phone recording device to the USB headset playback.

You may want to use a buffer for both sides, which may cause a delay, but up to 100ms its should be fine.


If it would work for you, I would appreciate to receive the code. :-)


Thanks, Steve

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