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PBX Setup and Menu Items

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Topic: PBX Setup and Menu Items
Posted By: jucream
Subject: PBX Setup and Menu Items
Date Posted: Mar 18 2009 at 8:40pm
Hello, we have been using the Way2Call telephone board with a database which allow a young lady with Cerebral Palsy to make phone call reminders and get voice prompts of the messages she is reminding the people of.  The agency supporting her has recently moved to a new location which has a phone system (PBX I believe) where before they were just using a standard telephone line.  Is there anything I have to do to make the Way2Call USB work on this system, I believe i saw somewhere once you needed to register it on the system, is this something I can do from the computer or do I have to get the phone installers to set it up?  Also, I saw in the manual that there was alot of options for this device in the start menu, in ours there is only Uninstall located in the start menu, is there something I can do to locate the other options?
Thank you so much!
Justin Creamer
Assistive Technology Specialist


Posted By: doronsh
Date Posted: Mar 20 2009 at 11:21am

If the PBX has an analog extension, you can connect the Hi-phone Line jack to the PBX extension and work the same way.

The only thing you should setup is how to get an outside line from the PBX. In many PBX's you should dial 9 to get an outside line, so please check the PBX manual to see how it can be done.
Once you find out how to get an outside line, the Hi-Phone Desktop Telephony Device setup is like any Voice Modem
go to control panel >>> Phone and modem setting >>> Dialing Rules >>> My location >>> edit
You should setup the dialing rules
Regarding your question about the manual, it seems like you are using the Hi-Phone Single Device Drivers.
The new options are available in the Multiple Devices Drivers. The manual is referring to the Multiple Devices drivers as well

Posted By: jucream
Date Posted: Mar 20 2009 at 11:26am
DUH!  Thanks for supporting my overlooking of the obvious!  This is new territory for me, I was so excitied that I got everything working at the previous location and then they moved and I didnt even think about checking there!
Thanks again!


Posted By: jucream
Date Posted: Mar 27 2009 at 1:52pm

What if the line is not analog?  I added the outgoing extension in Phone/Modem Options to dial a 9 and I still get "No dial Tone" when running the tests.  I have contact the people who installed their telephone system to get more details and see if they have an idea, but if anyone here has any other ideas of what to try, I would appretiate it.

Thanks! Justin


Posted By: Steve
Date Posted: Apr 01 2009 at 12:38pm

If you can connect a fax or a voice modem to this line or extension, you can connect the Hi-Phone as well.

I wouldn’t connect the device to a digital line, cause the interface is different, and can damage the device.

Check if you can dial without waiting for a dial tone.

If yes, it means that you should setup your location to enable the Hi-Phone to detect the dial tone.

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