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event when phone answered?

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Topic: event when phone answered?
Posted By: gymshoe
Subject: event when phone answered?
Date Posted: Mar 15 2009 at 9:56pm
I am using the Hi-Phone Desktop Lite and I was wondering whether there is a an event generated when the phone is answered and no sound is detected.  I don't have a long history developing phone applications and perhaps I should know whether you can detect when the target phone picks up  -- sorry, I just don't know these things.
If the person or answering machine says something, then yes, I get an event.
I guess I can make this work by noticing that I am no longer getting ring-back events -- so the user must have picked up right?

Posted By: Steve
Date Posted: Mar 17 2009 at 12:04pm

I’m using the Hi-Phone as well, and far as I understand the Hi-Phone needs to hear a voice on the line in order to fire the connected event.

When using analog lines there is not a “connected” state that the Telco line is generating, so all is about how you define a “connected”

There are many ways to determine when a call is answered, but its never 100% reliable, and sometimes its longer than accepted.

You can wait for voice on the line, and assume that when it is appears the call has been answered.

This is the fastest way, and can take 100ms to 500ms from the time the call is answered and a person or an answering machine said something.

But what about as you have mentioned, someone answer the phone and say nothing (silence on the line).

So in this case it will take longer to detect that a call has been answered, cause between two “ring back” tones there is a silence.

If ring back tone stops for longer than the silence period between two ring back then probably the call has been answered.


I have noticed that for TAPI compliant applications the Hi-Phone TSP has three options to fire the connected event.

By voice detection

By counting the number of ring backs

By timer after dialing


If you mark all options the first to come generates the connected event (You can find it at Hi-Phone TAPI setting).


It was nice if way2call can add the silence as one of the options to fire a connected event

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