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Good Product

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Category: Hi-Phone products
Forum Name: Hi-Phone Desktop Pro
Forum Description: Discussion on the Hi-Phone Desktop Pro features and capabilities
Printed Date: May 25 2024 at 3:05am

Topic: Good Product
Posted By: Bill
Subject: Good Product
Date Posted: Mar 11 2009 at 8:53am
Just got an invite to join this forum so I thought I'd pop on and say hello from a no so sunny England.
I bought a desktop pro a couple of months back to do some small scale IVR development using VB. The unit has worked perfectly and I've been very pleased with its performance.
Bill Smile

Posted By: doronsh
Date Posted: Mar 17 2009 at 10:58am

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your feedback and support.

The Hi-Phone Desktop Pro is the next generation way2call Telephony technology.

The current firmware is compatible with the Hi-Phone Desktop USB product, which we are selling successfully for the last 8 years.

The Hi-Phone Desktop Pro designed to do more, and therefore we are in a process to release firmware, drivers and SDK to support more advanced features.

For example enabling more than one audio wave at the same time between the PC and the device.

With this feature, applications would be able to receive and send different audio wave to/from the telephone line, telephone handset and headset simultaneously. 

Feature like this opens a variety of new applications.


We are welcome any comment, suggestion, recommendation or new requirement from our developers community




Posted By: Bill
Date Posted: Mar 20 2009 at 11:54am
Thanks for the info.
One thing that I'm stuggling with just now is being able to detect the handset being picked up while a call is in progress, ie the remote caller chooses to speak with an opperator but I just can't seem to detect the phone being picked up? Am I doing something wrong or is this not detectable?
Im using Exceletel Pro and VB by the way.
Thanks in anticipation!

Posted By: doronsh
Date Posted: Mar 20 2009 at 12:29pm

The Hi-Phone Desktop Pro detects the local handset off hook. The Hi-Phone handset jack compatible with the US standard and wring. 

I assume that you are using a UK handset.
The UK handset wiring is different than the US wiring, and therefore an adaptor is required.
When using the Hi-Phone in the UK, the Hi-Phone requires US/UK adaptors. The same adaptors that are being used with US Voice Modems.
For the Hi-Phone Line jack -  or compatible
For the Hi-Phone Handset jack -  or compatible

Posted By: Bill
Date Posted: Mar 22 2009 at 11:28am
Thanks for the reply but I don't think the problem is with the connection. I have adaptor leads and the handset all seems to work fine. I get the red indicator light when I pickup the handset and I can speak with the other party but I just can't detect the fact that the hansets been picked up while a call is in progress?

Posted By: Bill
Date Posted: Mar 23 2009 at 8:58am
Just to say I've just purchsed both adaptors just in case that's the problem. It's probably something in my coding but I'll keep trying and report back.

Posted By: danieldanhoffmann
Date Posted: Mar 23 2009 at 10:47am
Hi Bill,

In order to detect handset off-hook during a call, or anyway,

If TAPI is used, phone device must be opened and explicitly set

to receive off-hook event by invoking phoneSetMessage(…).

With Exceletel (similar to TAPI), use ‘etPhone’.


Other Way2call APIs will simply get off-hook event.





Posted By: Bill
Date Posted: Mar 24 2009 at 2:58am

Thanks for the info Daniel.

I'm really struggling with this, I've spent several very long days just trying to detect the handset being picked up which I would have thought was a simple task but either I'm missing the point or something’s broken.

Up until now I've managed to get to grips with the call handling and wave play functions and have a product that's almost ready for market but I have two issues that I can't seem to solve these being

1 The handset pickup

2 The inability to detect and terminate the call if the remote caller hangs up.

The latter point isn't a huge problem because the software does eventually hang-up if there's no response but not before playing some very long options during which the line is tied up.

Anyway Daniel thanks again for your reply and any help is gratefully appreciated.


Posted By: Bill
Date Posted: Mar 24 2009 at 4:08am
Problem solved!
Classic case of not reading the instructions and was caused by not activating the line device before the phone device.

Posted By: doronsh
Date Posted: Mar 24 2009 at 8:47pm

It is good news.

If you need anything, we would be happy to assist.

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